Outstaffing is a withdrawal procedure of an employee from the staff and registering them with the staff of company-provider. The employee keeps working at the same place and carrying out their functions but the company-provider fulfills responsibilities of the employer.


It is beneficial for the client, if:

  • There is a limit in staff number
  • It is necessary to reduce staff without losing qualified staff members
  • It is necessary to reduce administrative costs for personnel and salary calculations as well as to save because of social tax regression
  • It is planned to hire personnel in regions without opening representative offices
  • It is proposed to use services of employees hired in advance and registered through mediator for temporary projects
  • It is proposed that during the probation period new employees are withdrawn to mediator’s staff to estimate their work without taking additional commitments.

Our commitments:

  • Registering of employees with our company staff and formalization of labour relations
  • Human resources matters
  • Salary calculations and payment, calculations of income tax and other statutory contributions
  • Processing of sick and annual leaves, obligatory insurance
  • Issuing certificates

Outstaffing stages:

  • Defining the customer’s needs and signing an outstaffing agreement which indicates a period of the agreement, number of staff withdrawn and service costs
  • Registering employees with the staff of company-provider
  • Transferring payment to the company-provider’s account. The invoice component is compensation for outstaffing services
  • Payment of salary to the employees as per the agreement and payment of tax

Service costs:
The cost of outstaffing services depends on the number of employees withdrawn, average salary and other services offered within the project.

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